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If you've been injured on the job, you may be entitled to monetary benefits. One benefit is payment of temporary total disability (TTD) payments. TTD payments are provided on a temporary basis while the injured worker is off work recovering from an injury. Call us today for a FREE initial consultation.

If the injury causes a permanent disability, the employee may be entitled either to a period of permanent partial disability (PPD), or to a period of permanent total disability. PPD is awarded when the work-related injury renders the worker partially disabled on a permanent basis. The amount of PPD is determined by considering a number of complex factors. Ed Jon works diligently to secure as high a recovery as posible for his clients.

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In rare cases, when an injured worker is rendered totally unable to work, he or she is entitled to permanent total disability benefits. The process of determining whether or not a case is a total disability case is quite complex. This requires the skills of a seasoned attorney who concentrates in workers' compensation law.

What is permanent total disability?

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Attorney Ed Jon Wolfe has relentlessly represented injured workers secure their income, medical, and education benefits.

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