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We handle almost all Social Security cases on a contingency fee basis. In a contingency fee case, if you win your case, the attorney is paid a percentage of the past-due benefits awarded.  Expenses, however, are the  client's responsibility.  In most instances, expenses comprise a small portion of the amount awarded in a winning claim.

First, you need to have worked five out of the past ten years, and paid Social Security taxes during this time. Second, you need to have become unable to work due to a disabling conditions or conditions. You can receive, for example, benefits for disabilities resulting from physical or mental conditions.

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.

We begin by gathering all the medical evidence you need to effectively argue your case. This includes office notes, physician reports, diagnostic test reports, and functional capacity evaluations. We then review and analyze these documents to formulate a winning argument for your case, as well as ensure that all necessary documents are timely filed. You therefore do not have to deal with the pressure and stresses of trying to litigate your own case.

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